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Latest Posts

Cheltenham Daily briefing 9 July 2021

Posted on 9th July, 2021


On tonights show, Lamb rescued, Sainsbury’s stop selling CD and DVD’s, Man dies at collision, things to do over weekend and more.


Lamb rescued from ledge


Sainsbury's stop selling CD and DVD


Man dies after serious collision


Brewery Quarter bounces Back


ReformIT aquires Apple focused rival


Cheltenham Town returns to Full Capacity next season

Cheltenham Daily Briefing 8 July 2021

Posted on 8th July, 2021


On tonights show, Cheltenham School send pupils home, New Store coming to Cheltenham, new multimillion pound training centre opens, Win a shopping trip and much more.


Cheltenham School send pupils home


New Store coming to Cheltenham


New Multimillion pound cyber center


Win a Shopping Trip

Cheltenham Daily Briefing 7 July 2021

Posted on 7th July, 2021


On tonights show, Woman can’t sleep because of broken windows, Man hurt stoping burglar, New Football team in Cheltenham, Business Park sold, my fish and chip lunch had Black Batter find out more and much more besides.


Woman cant Sleep broken Window


Man Hurt stopping Burglar


Drug Dealer tasered and perrer sprayed


New Football Team in Cheltenham


Cheltenham Business Park Sold

Cheltenham Daily Briefing 6 July 2021

Posted on 6th July, 2021


On tonights show, Nurse walking over 1000 miles, Do you recycle your metal, Zero Hours contracts and much more.


Nurses to Walk 1240 Miles


Cheltenham Jailed 


Metal Matters - Recycle metals


House of Fraser and Zero hours contracts 


Asia market coming to Cheltenham


Top 10 Best things about Cheltenham


David Dickinsons Real Deal coming to Cheltenham


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Cheltenham Daily Briefing 5 July 2021

Posted on 5th July, 2021


On tonights show, Grisly Legend True or False, Business offering day of is England reach finals, Birthdays, Degrees and much much more.


Below you will find as many links to the website of the news items any from Instagram I have giving you the Instagram name.


Grisly Local legand True or False


Business offer Day off if England get to Euros Final 


Cheltenham Affordable Homes first time buyers


Endurance Limits Birthday website to find out more and donate 


Cheltenham Town Ladies FC moving Grounds

Welcome to Cheltenham Radio Blog

Posted on 2nd July, 2021

Welcome to the new blog page for Cheltenham Radio, I will be posting a range of items but you will be able to find the Cheltenham Daily Briefing podcast will be posted here with links to all the stories I find from the Internet so you can read the full story from the source. This will beging from Monday July 5th.


I will also post photos, video etc as well that have been taken at event etc.